How it Works and Ordering Online

How it Works:

  • "By the Ounce" products are sold by the weighted ounce. Bring in your clean, dry container in to our store at 101 W. Clinton St. Howell, MI 48843 and we will weigh the container first, fill it with whichever product you desire, re-weigh the container, and then deduct the weight of the jar so you only pay for the product inside.
  • Get Creative: re-use laundry detergent containers, glass jars, glass skincare containers, and more!  Our goal is to reduce as many single-use plastics as possible. 
  • Our delivery area: 10 mile radius around the store location: 101 W. Clinton St. Howell, MI 48843. If your requested delivery address is outside of the 10-mile radius, you will be asked to pick-up your order in-store. 
  • Delivery will be between order confirmation and 48 hours. Orders will not be delivered on Sundays. 
  • We recommend leaving a tote or cooler depending on the weather to protect the order contents from the elements and from curious critters. Please bring in as soon as possible as some products may be moisture or weather-sensitive. 
  • When you order bulk products (herbs, teas, spices, laundry soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc.), you will select the total number of ounces desired. By default, these will be community-donated sanitized jars. If you would like a deposit container or a home-compostable bio-plastic bag please select either option under the collection Containers and Packaging.
  • Deposit containers are stainless steel containers, $2 per container. You will receive a digital coupon code sent to your account within 24 hours of returning via local delivery/pickup or in-store. Bio-plastic bags are $0.50/bag and are non-returnable. These bags are made by Elevate packaging and are 100% home-compostable. Please learn more about Elevate at 
  • Products delivered will be labeled with product name, manufacturer, scent in a recycled box designated Quartz and Company as the distributor. Please reference our website or the manufacturer's website for full product descriptions, instructions, and ingredients. 
  • Online shipping orders items will be packaged in bio-plastic packaging. Products like liquids in bulk are unavailable for online shipping. 
  • Warning: products may be packaged in a facility which comes into contact with tree nuts and legumes. 
  • For any changes in the delivery schedules (due to weather, illness, driver scheduling, or else), we will post on social media (fb/insta/website) and we will email you with order updates from