Quartz and Company strives each and every day to become the change that we want to see in this world. This change doesn't always happen overnight, and we are working to improve each step of our processes to reduce and eliminate our impact on the planet. 

Our botanical and ingredient suppliers support sustainable organic farming practices, as well as ethically wildcrafted and harvested plants. They also implement their own environmentally friendly practices in the production processes and warehouses to reduce their environmental impact. 

All of our packaging is either reused, repurposed, recyclable, or home compostable.

Our branding materials are produced using environmental friendly practices, are made of 100% post consumer waste, with UV/water based ink, and are 100% curbside recyclable. Our sticker liners are made of 100% post consumer waste, and are curbside recyclable. 

Our shipping and delivery boxes are all reused and repurposed.

Our bulk botanicals, ingredients, and refill station bags are 100% home compostable and produced without using petroleum based plastics. Our liquid bottles are made out of 100% aluminum which is 100% recyclable and doesn't degrade with processing. 

Our clothing is entirely manufactured in the United States, eliminating the environmental impact that maritime shipping can cause.