Our Brands

Rock Creek Soaps | Rock Creek Montana

Plaine Products | Made in USA

SwedeDishcloths | Made in Colorado

Encore Creations LLC | Made in Howell, MI

Northern Nail Polish | Traverse City, MI

The Jonsteen Company | McKinleyville, CA

Huppy | Made in USA

Plantish | Toronto, Ontario

Dona Bela Shreds | Des Moines, Iowa

Humble Brands | Taos, NM

Bookend Candle Co. | Ypsilanti, MI

Retreat Drinks | Gig Harbor, MI

Americat Company | Pittsburgh, PA

Bee's Wrap | Middlebury, VT

Opulent Blends | Kalamazoo, MI

Mama Suds | Davidsburg, MI

Josie Doefer Soaps | Howell, MI

Strawesome | Howell, MI

The Bubble Boutique | Howell, MI

Body Khemistry | Holly, MI

Ancestral French Soaps | Monroe, ME