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Ordering refills online is a little different than ordering regular single items. This is your guide for online ordering for in-store pickup, shipping, and local delivery. 

Important Details

  • Quantity = Ounces: The Quantity field is the number of Ounces to order. This amount needs to match your container choice (e.g. 16 oz mason jar = 16 in Quantity field).
  • Choose your Container: Choose your preferred container from the drop down menu.
  • Container Pricing: Prices for containers are shown as price per ounce with refills. 
  • Returnable Containers: Some containers are returnable for deposit, please see the list for details
  • Container Accessories: All containers that are returnable for deposit will have lids. These are easiest for us to wash and sanitize. If you'd like a pump, mister, sprayer or other top for your container, they are available for purchase and not returnable for deposit. 

These instructions are in the description of every refill product and will guide you through the ordering process.

  1. Select preferred container (e.g. 16 oz. Mason jar).
  2. Use the quantity selector to indicate same number of ounces as container (e.g. 16).
  3. All containers come with lids.
  4. Pumps, sprayers and droppers are purchased separately and are not returnable for deposit. These can be found in Bottle Accessories.
  5. If you'd like order more than one container of the same product, please add them to the cart separately.

You are also welcome to BYO container by refilling in-store or by choosing the BYO Container option for online orders.